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All trackmaps on this site were made by private an are no official dokuments. The plans are developed primarily on the basis of own observations, aerial photographs and other pictures and can, therefore, despite all care still single errors. I am therefore grateful for any information on any errors. Contact information is available on the respective plan page.


  • 04.08.2018
    Heidelberg: Reconstruction of the Hauptbahnhof Nord stop has begun.

  • 29.07.2018
    Luxembourg: The new line to Stäreplaz / Étoile was opened.
    Karlsruhe & Heilbronn [Karlsruhe]: The track construction yard Gerwigstraße was closed and demolished.
    Zwickau: Trackmap updated and operation times added.

  • 27.07.2018
    Stuttgart: Current constructions updated. New tracks were build at the Möhringen depot.

  • 21.07.2018
    Amsterdam: The metro Noord-Zuidlijn is in operation. For this reason many tram lines changed their routes and numbers.

  • 12.07.2018
    Zagreb: New trackmap: Zagreb tramway

  • 11.07.2018
    Karlsruhe & Heilbronn: The newly build stop Tullastraße is in operation.
    Düsseldorf: High level platzforms Lueplatz and Lierenfeld Betriebshof under construction

  • 09.07.2018
    Würzburg: Planned line to Grombühl added.

  • 23.06.2018
    Naumburg: The new stop at Hauptbahnhof (central station) is under construction.
    Lisbon: The single track route at São Tomé was replaced by a double track.

  • 17.06.2018
    Dortmund: The two track connections between Huckarde Bushod and Parsevalstraße were removed.
    Coast tram: New line at Lombardsijde added.

  • 15.06.2018
    Charleroi: Line in anderlues reconstructed.

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Augsburg 31.03.2018  
Berlin, Schöneiche, Woltersdorf 26.05.2018  
Bielefeld 13.12.2015  
Bochum and Gelsenkirchen 19.11.2017  
Bonn 08.05.2016  
Brandenburg (Havel) 08.04.2016  
Braunschweig 13.05.2018  
Bremen 28.01.2018  
Chemnitz 19.05.2018  
Cottbus 17.10.2017  
Darmstadt 03.03.2018  
Dessau 09.06.2017  
Dortmund 17.06.2018  
Dresden 24.02.2018  
Düsseldorf 11.07.2018  
Duisburg 28.03.2018  
Erfurt 03.02.2018  
Essen 08.02.2018  
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Frankfurt (Main) 18.01.2018  
Frankfurt (Oder) 09.12.2017  
Freiburg 09.12.2017  
Gera 30.09.2017  
Görlitz 18.04.2018  
Gotha 05.08.2016  
Halberstadt 13.12.2015  
Halle (Saale) 28.04.2018  
Hamburg 27.01.2018  
Hannover 20.01.2018  
Heidelberg 04.08.2018
Jena 11.03.2018  
Karlsruhe & Heilbronn 29.07.2018
Kassel 27.03.2018  
Kirnitzschtal 15.07.2014  
Cologne 28.04.2018  
Krefeld 28.04.2018  
Leipzig 26.05.2018  
minor changes are not listed here.
Magdeburg 13.04.2017  
Mainz 18.10.2017  
Mannheim & Ludwigshafen 21.04.2018  
Mülheim & Oberhausen 27.05.2018  
Munich 29.03.2018  
Naumburg 23.06.2018  
Nordhausen 09.09.2016  
Nuremberg 02.12.2017  
Plauen 09.10.2015  
Potsdam 09.12.2017  
Rostock 30.09.2017  
Saarbrücken 24.04.2016  
Schwerin 15.07.2017  
Strausberg 18.07.2012  
Stuttgart 27.07.2018
Ulm 08.07.2017  
Würzburg 09.07.2018  
Zwickau 29.07.2018
minor changes are not listed here.
Amsterdam 21.07.2018
Charleroi 15.06.2018  
The Hague 07.02.2018  
Coast tram 17.06.2018  
Luxembourg 29.07.2018
Rotterdam 26.07.2017  
Utrecht 26.07.2016  
minor changes are not listed here.
Basel 09.12.2017  
Bern 15.07.2014  
Graz 01.04.2018  
Innsbruck 12.03.2018  
Linz 06.11.2016  
Vienna 01.04.2018  
Zürich 09.12.2017  
minor changes are not listed here.
Göteborg 12.11.2016  
Helsinki 19.11.2017  
Norrköping 08.04.2016  
Trondheim 01.11.2011  
minor changes are not listed here.
Alicante 12.10.2014  
Barcelona 15.11.2015  
Lisbon 23.06.2018  
Madrid 20.10.2012  
Metro Sul do Tejo (Almada) 26.07.2015  
Porto 02.06.2012  
Sóller 24.12.2012  
Sintra 02.06.2012  
Valencia 05.02.2016  
minor changes are not listed here.
Blackpool 06.02.2018  
Dublin 09.12.2017  
London (Tramlink) 10.05.2018  
Manchester 31.03.2018  
Nottingham 03.01.2016  
minor changes are not listed here.
Chicago 06.01.2018  
Le Havre 02.04.2018  
Tallinn 24.05.2018  
Zagreb 12.07.2018  
minor changes are not listed here.
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